Saturday, December 16, 2017

EUROPE as a Paradise to Travelers

Undoubtedly, Europe is a potential travel spot to enjoy a huge array of tourist attractions and diverse destinations. There are a vast number of compelling reasons why a European vacation consistently stands out as a favorite of world travelers in discovering interesting, amazing and fun-filled sites. In addition, there are a multitude of things to see and to do such as enjoying a romantic vacation, engaging into an activity-filled family vacation, or just a leisurely, quiet and relaxing getaway. Europe is an ideal destination to experience a thrilling blend of scenic beauty, awe-inspiring places in every European country plus heritage spots for the historically and culturally inclined tourist.

Paris, France:
If you would like to confirm what other travelers say that “all roads in France direct to Paris”, then definitely a must place to visit is Paris, often referred to as the ‘City of Lights’. Aside from the fashion industry, the city’s beautiful and romantic places, Paris brags off some of the world's most well-known attractions. The Eiffel tower, which is frequently the featured highlight in numerous Paris postcards, is one of the most beautifully built monuments of Europe. The most famous Louvre Museum, houses various antique collections and marvelous masterpieces of popular artists. To enjoy magnificent views of the city, pay a quick visit at Arc de Triomphe and River Seine, the best-known river in Paris situated right across the Eiffel Tower.

London is one of the most trend-setting cities on the planet and certainly every traveler that gathers around the city each year will find such a great number of attractions that he will rather be bewildered with the city's array of splendors. Apart from the ancient castles to explore and wide open ranges of country, you get spell bounded by the picturesque sunset as viewed from the Waterloo Bridge. It's impossible not to be impressed by the sheer size of the great clock tower with a huge 13-ton bell inside and listen to the bells of Big Ben ring as it strikes midnight. The London Tower, which is the Queen's residence are must stopovers, as it showcases the spectacular crown jewels and Buckingham palace. The Tower Bridge, which is commonly mistaken for London Bridge, is a combination of bascule and suspension bridges.

One of the jewels of Europe is Italy, identified for its remarkable cuisine, on top of its wineries and ancient architecture. You definitely can tell that due to the monuments intricate work and magnanimous architecture, Rome, the capital city of Italy was not built overnight. The place is rich in historical implications and architectural designs such as the elliptical amphitheatre: Collosseum, the ancient temple: The Pantheon and the bench of supremacy for Christian Catholicism: The Vatican Museum. The magical city of Venice is the only European city to have its entire transport system built on water; thus, is better known, as the land of gondolas and canals or the “City of Water”. The traditional Venetian boat called gondola is one of the main attractions that appeal most to tourists probably because lovers can sail through its waterways under an ambiance oozing with romance. Other notable places to visit includes Florence, the highly charming city of Europe recognized for its simplistic beauty, Milan as the fashion capital of the world and Tuscany eminent for its incredible countryside, stylish eating houses, wining, world renowned art, and small but luxurious accommodations.

The capital of Spain, which is Madrid is a very vibrant city characterized by great museums and monuments, a strong Spanish culture and a thriving nightlife with loads of pubs and discotheques. Some of the notable highlights that boast of a brilliant collection of art in Madrid include the Golden Triangle, where most of the art museums are located, Palacio Real, El Prado museum and Plaza Mayor. Barcelona is a city wherein you can find several modern sculptures, monuments and exceptionally designed buildings by Joseph Puig and Antonio Gaudi.

Berlin, the capital city of Germany gives you a taste of German history and culture as well as gives you a feel of Jewish culture. The most important places to visit in Berlin are Les Ramblas, The Berlin wall museum, The Berliner Dom, The Gothic Quarter, Potsdamerplatz, Barceloneta, Alexanderplatz and Brandenburg gate. It is also popular for its psychedelic architecture, Spanish cuisines, concerts and festivals where you can encounter a lot of street musicians, sidewalk artists, jugglers and dancers. Munich on the other hand is a fun empirical city where you can find many opera houses and bars.

Who would ever think that a dazzling place like Europe is one of the world’s smallest continents preceding only Australia?